Dramatics Module

Yeh zindagi bahut lambi hai aur hamare pass waqt bahut kam.

Lo and behold, everything between the curtains opening and closing, the head rush in the beginning and the surge of satisfaction in the end; theatre is born. Theatrical performances in front of live audiences, bridging the gaps left behind in the script, becoming the character and reading within yourself, blameless blue, raging red, rebellious black; painting the stage with every colour on the palette of your emotions. Dramatics is the personification of an already personified demeanor of human behavior through overly exaggerated portrayals of drama, hatred, fear, conflict, love and much more. It takes absolute love and dedication towards the craft for performers to shape shift into another person on stage, anew and portray characters they like, don’t like, are intimidated by and characters they cherish.

Highlights from Impressions'19



Give yourself to that character to command, throw those dialogues straight to everyone’s heart and no one can stop the stardom from dazzling on you.

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