Arts and Craft | Chitra

Art is a therapeutic medium of communicating and connecting, a self portrait born out of imagination and craft. The beauty of the artist lies in his everlasting longing for creation, a limitless canvas ever ready to be devoured. From dream like surrealism of Dali and Kahlo to the realism of Ravi Verma, art is avat-grande and just like every shade and hue present on the palette it displays individuality. If your individuality and yearning for creation outshines it all, come on board your magnum opus isn't that far!

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The camera is a portal into a person's mind and imagination, a close up of their vantage point towards the world. Photography explores the transition of simple facades into deep and meaningful perspectives, has the power to personify art and is the most essential form of storytelling. Photography through the ages has transcended into world cinema and still manages to alter realities. If the camera is your favourite companion, get your frame ready for the perfect shot!

Music | Sangeet

Music and the effect it renders portrays the most organic form of nirvana. Music has the power of imparting duality, being surreal yet engaging meaning, calming you down yet hyping you up. It's a global phenomenon, an untranslated poem fathomed and fancied by all alike. If perpetuating this electrifying and resonating artform is your knack, from heavy metal strumming to gentle notes of Sufi, we have it all!

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Dance | Nritya

Dance is the expression of one's freedoms, an act of absolute awareness and catharsis, where your outer half becomes one with the inner, where words are redundant for manifestation. Be it the graceful mudras of Kathak, the flamboyant popping and locking of hip-hop or the mesmerizing flow of Salsa, this arform showcases immense diversity and versatility around the globe alike the range of events this module has to offer. So, we welcome you to step up those moves and set the stage afire!

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Shoutout | Vyakt

The effortless art of word play, creating pleasing works of literature through your insights and train of thoughts. A well written piece is a mosaic of the writer’s stimulus towards everything, it brings about a sense of satisfaction, creates awe and inspires art further. It is the writer's artistry that mortalises works of art which travel from one corner of the world to another and are read for eons to come. If words keep forming poems, stories and anecdotes in your mind grab a pen and paper, it's your time to ‘Shout-out’ !

Dramatics | Abhinay

Lo and Behold! Every glorious act of a drama between the prologue and the exodus is an ode to life itself, bringing characters & emotions to life on stage thus imitating life in art. Dramatics is a meticulous art form stringing together various elements of human sentiment, comedy, tragedy, thriller, fantasy and mystery. It finds common ground among people from all walks of life,being an embodiment of human experiences and expression . Is theatre your mode of expression? Join us, the stage awaits your monologue!