General Rules

Registration Steps

Step 1: Visit our website
Step 2: Click on Regis ter Tab.
Step 3: Swipe up the Modules Page.
Step 4: Click on Learn more below each module.
Step 5: Register for your event by clicking Read more tab below each event.

Submission Steps

Step 01: To submit your entries:
Step 02: Upload your submission to Google Drive.
Step 03: For laptop/web:
Step 04: Right click on your file.
Step 05: From the pop-up menu, click on “Get Link”.
Step 06: Change the sharing settings from “Restricted” to “Anyone with the link”.
Step 07: Copy the link and paste it into your competition’s submission form.
Step 08: For mobile/app:
Step 09: Tap on ‘⋮’ next to your uploaded file.
Step 10: Tap on ‘🔗Link sharing off’ to make the selection ‘🔗Link sharing on’.
Step 11: Tap on ‘Copy link’.
Step 12: Paste the link into your competition’s submission form.

General Rules

• General Rules are applicable to all events and competitions.
• The information provided during registration should be correct, if not the participant will be disqualified.
• Entries won’t be accepted unless submitted via official website. Entries through other mode will be disqualified.
• Only one Registration for one theme is acceptable for all competitions, multiple theme submission from a single registration will not be accepted.
• No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.
• Submissions (Photos/Videos) should be clearly visible for judging.
• Requests for registration fee refunds shall not be entertained.
• All competitions are open for everyone as long as they satisfy the given age criteria if any.
• By default all timings mentioned for competitions are to be followed according to Indian Standard Time unless mentioned otherwise.
• The maximum and minimum size of the team in the rulebook should be adhered to and any team failing to do so would be disqualified.
• Time limits for the competitions are subject to change.
• International winners will have to pay the shipping cost for the goodies.
• Exceeding the time limit will result in negative marking in the total score and the participant/team can be disqualified.
• Any kind of political/controversial depiction is strictly prohibited.
• The decisions of the organizing committee will be final and binding under all circumstances.
• The organizers reserve the right to cancel or postpone any event at any point of time.
• Judges’ collective decision will be final and binding. No doubt pertaining to the same shall be entertained. 
• Winner will be contacted via the email address given during registration.
• Important announcements and updates related to the events will be released on the website and the Instagram page of Impressions’2020. Hence it is mandatory to follow Impressions for any updates.
• All the publishing rights will remain with impressions. Impressions does not intend for any copyright claims on the artists artwork. The winner artwork posted on the Impressions social media handles will have proper credits to the creators.
• In case of any difficulties regarding submissions, you should contact the organizers on the number provided on the official poster.
• The mark sheet will not be disclosed to the participants.
• Violation of any rule will lead to disqualification.
• Impressions reserve the right to change the rules at any point of time and that the participant should check the website for regular updates.


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